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Episode 13: Lauren Mahon (Blogger, Entrepreneur & Breast Cancer Campaigner.)

September 19, 2017

Lauren Mahon founded Girl Stole London in 2011 as a way to document her fun filled 20s. However, when Lauren was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2016 at the young age of 31, her website started to play a more crucial role in her life.

Since her diagnosis Lauren has unashamedly documented the ups and downs of the journey she found herself on, including discussing the financial implications of cancer, giving her top ‘this aint a pity party’ tips, and even starting the hashtag #GirlVsCancer for her to share images and thoughts in a positive and constructive way.

Earlier this year Lauren also launched her own range of tit-tees with slogans including 'bangers, knockers, mammaries, fun bags, jubblies and lady lumps' to continue the conversation around breast cancer. Lauren’s writing and openness is infectious and she’s continuing to change the perception of being a young adult dealing with cancer, while keeping it sassy and humorous too.

We discuss living with cancer, why sending a simple emoji can make someone’s day, how documenting her journey has helped her and what’s to come now she’s back to work.

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