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Episode 15: Aaron Gillies (Comedy Writer, Author, Mental Health Campaigner)

November 20, 2017

You may know Aaron by his alter ego Technically Ron. Aaron is one of the most hilarious, original and quick-witted voices on social media, with practically every tweet going viral and getting the attention of the media. His list of reasons his wife cries received nearly 50,000 RTs and was covered relentlessly in the press, so it’s no surprise Aaron landed himself a book deal – launching Lifeabet, An A-Z of Modern Existence, in 2015.

Although Aaron offers lighthearted escapism and hilarious observations, there’s also a more serious side to him thanks to his well-documented struggles with mental health. Now a champion for discussing men’s wellbeing, he’s spoken about mental health for the Huffington Post, The Telegraph, The Metro and Sky News. All of this incredible work is culminating in another book that’s due to launch in 2018.

We talk about how to crack a joke in 140 characters, our obsession with literal humour, how connecting online changed his life, landing a book deal and being a champion for mental health awareness. An episode that’s not to be missed.  

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