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Episode 17: Vix Meldrew (Teacher By Day, Sex & Relationships Blogger By Night)

December 12, 2017

Vix is a teacher by day, but a life and relationships blogger by night, sharing the ups and downs of millennial life in a fun, engaging and uniquely honest way. If you like your content ‘no holds barred’ then this is your ultimate destination. Her award-winning blog has been featured everywhere from Pretty 52 to The Independent, while Vix has appeared on the BBC, Radio 1, LBC and Channel 5 discussing everything from stealthing to mental health. Her blog posts are sometimes cringingly honest, but always relatable, so its no surprise she was named one of the ’17 Influencers to Watch in 2017′ by MTV.

The internet has provided Vix with a place to channel her creativity and connect with others in a refreshingly open way, but what’s fascinating about Vix story is that for a long time she had to keep her online presence completely secret – even undertaking a pseudonym so as not to jeopardize her career. Although crafting her online experience has opened many doors and enriched her life like she never could’ve imagined, it’s also caused issues of its own.

I’m really excited to be joined by Vix to chat sharing the best sex positions, losing a parent, discussing mental health, being 100% yourself online and how her content has now evolved now she’s in a relationship.

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