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Episode 4: Lex Gillies (A Champion For Skin Conditions & An Expert In ‘Going Viral’)

June 27, 2017

Lex Gillies, who also goes by the name of Talonted Lex, started her journey online documenting her love of nail art; that evolved into covering her own struggles with the skin condition rosacea (which can leave skin hot, inflamed and red) and supporting women across the globe on their own journey to acceptance and management.

Her presence online has lead to her being discovered by magazines, newspapers and the world of television (you may have recently seen her on Katie Piper’s Face To Face.) Lex is now ranked the #1 UK blog for rosacea and has been able to help hundreds, if not thousands, of people via her down to earth and practical advice.

We discuss being judged on social media, how helping others has also helped herself, her love of makeup as a tool to reveal who she really is, how Daily Mail commenters impacted her self esteem, how she met her husband via the magic of Twitter and a whole lot more. We hope you enjoy what she has to say!

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