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Episode 6: Lisa Maynard-Atem (Social Media Manager At The World’s Biggest Luxury Department Store)

July 12, 2017

Lisa started her career as a stylist, but over the last six years she’s been working at the world’s number one luxury department store to bring their vision to life via the power of social media. Lisa has been at the forefront of luxury retail marketing, having been recognized within the industry as someone that understood and implemented a digital direction; in 2016 she received a nomination to be recognized as an ‘Outstanding Woman in Retail’

What’s fascinating and inspiring about Lisa’s story is that she saw an opportunity and grasped it with both hands, daring to do what many of us wouldn’t even attempt; that gamble paid off, as Harrods’ Instagram account recently celebrated 1 million followers – a milestone that Lisa grew from zero and always had set her mind upon.

We talk about her ‘can do’ attitude, how she managed to create a whole department from a temporary contract, her advice for brands and businesses online, as well as her top tips on those wishing to follow their social media dreams.

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Read Lisa's article 'The Importance of Social Intuition' here.

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